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Pinecrest’s ‘well-guarded’ homes not deterring crime ring looking to steal cars

Pine Crest, Florida – The well-protected Pine Crest house has not stopped criminal gangs from jumping walls or over fences trying to steal cars.

For resident William Alger, it was the 10th time the alarm went off and he saw people fleeing their homes. They are after his car.

Pine Crest Police Chief Jason Cohen says it’s a small part of a bigger problem.

“What they’re looking for is an unlocked car with the key fob left inside,” he says. throughout South Florida.

“When I talk to other agencies that have the same problem, the mo’s are very similar. Usually groups of three or four people in one car. I drive up to my neighborhood,” Cohen said.

Cohen said they were after the car itself, with 75% of the cars stolen at Pine Crest had key fobs left inside. Police say if they can’t find a fob, they’ll steal anything from any unlocked car.

A common variable is that many homeowners are clearly letting their guard down. They think gates, walls and cameras are enough. The city of South Dade is the place with the most crime. Authorities are urging homeowners to lock their car doors and never leave their keys in their cars, no matter where they live or how secure they think their homes are.

The Pinecrest Police are looking at the license plate reader in an attempt to find additional clues in the case.

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