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Everything to know about all five college bowl games on Dec. 30

The 2022 College Football Bowl season will consist of five games on Friday, December 30. Here’s a rundown of today’s match and some caveats. Looking for bowl game scores? Check them out here. Looking for bowl game picks? Check them out here.

Let’s hope no one gives anyone the business when these two former ACC foes renew their acquaintances. For the most part, the Terrapins won the games they deserved while negotiating with the difficult district of the Big Ten East, but the Wolfpack’s high-target season was derailed by a spate of injuries.

The good news is that both teams have a fair amount of next-level talent.The bad news is that many of those players probably don’t exist. Pitt QB Kedon Slobis has already re-entered the transfer portal, with the Bruins’ standout player being considered for a draft decision.

Clemson fans will be forgiven if they pass this up, but for the rest of the country this spoiler clash should be interesting. Bust is possible. The Gamecocks were very hot last month, but the Notre Dame defense should give his QB Spencer Rattler a challenge. Ireland’s fight with QB Drew Pine is likely to be a ground-and-pound approach, as he will be transferred.

The game is only available on streaming platforms, so unless you’re a diehard Bobcats or Cowboys fan, you’re unlikely to seek it out. Wyoming lost to MWC champion Fresno State in his last outing, and Ohio State couldn’t do much on offense without a starting QB in his MAC title game against Toledo.

We’ve put this at the end of the Major due to the number of players sitting down to prepare for the draft, but there’s still a lot of potential for fun. – Kravnik will be in charge of offense, and the Vols will be active in many young pass catchers.

This article originally appeared in USA TODAY: What’s Today’s Bowl Game? Five College Football Game Schedules to Watch


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