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Fast-food nightmares: violent attacks, shootings, robberies at fast-food locations in 2022

Fast food restaurants across the country have been plagued by violent incidents in 2022, including shootings, child hazards and cash registers flying out of windows.

4-year-old boy shoots police at McDonald’s, Utah

February, Utah police officers according to the report A suspect brandished a firearm at a McDonald’s employee in response to an incorrect order.

Officers found 27-year-old Sadaat Johnson in the back seat of his car with a 4-year-old child and began detaining him.

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The suspect said:

“Give me your money,” the suspect said while holding the employee at gunpoint.
(Philadelphia Police Department)

Body camera footage shows the moment officers noticed a gun pointed through the rear window of Johnson’s car.

He also alerted other officers that a 4-year-old boy had fired a weapon, and in a preliminary investigation, a 27-year-old boy instructed the child to shoot the officer.

“How to get adults to think it’s okay to encourage [4]”This needs to stop and we need to come together,” Sheriff Rosie Rivera said in a February statement after the incident. A community to find solutions to the challenges we face in our neighborhoods. Officers are here to protect and serve. [this] could happen. ”

Johnson was charged with child abuse, aggravated assault, and interfering with arresting officers after the incident.

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Philadelphia armed robber pulls cash register through McDonald’s window

In November, chaos erupted at another McDonald’s location in Philadelphia, when a robber pointed a gun at an employee through a window and was captured on video. pull the cash register Out of the window.

The armed suspect said, “Give me your money,” before the employee pulled over in a red SUV around 3:30 a.m. and pulled out the entire cash register.

The suspect and three other people in the vehicle fled the scene.

Corn shortage sparks KFC shooting

Gunshots rang out at a KFC in St. Louis after a dispute escalated between restaurant customers and employees over a corn shortage.

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A black man in his 40s tried to order at a drive-thru when an employee told him the restaurant was out of corn, police said.

The suspect then threatened the employee from the speaker box and pulled him up to the drive-thru window with a handgun.

A 25-year-old employee then reportedly went out to talk to the driver. When the employee returned to the restaurant, there was a gunshot wound.

The victim was taken to a local hospital, in critical but stable condition, and the suspect fled the scene.

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ax man in new york city

Customers dining at McDonald’s on Manhattan’s Lower East Side were traumatized when 31-year-old Michael Palacios went into the store in September. Ax Wielding Rampage After getting into an argument with a group of men.

The incident was captured on video, and Palacios could be seen breaking glass partitions, swinging an ax at a petrified customer, and trading blows with other customers.

The NYPD said Palacios was arrested and charged with three counts of criminal mischief, intimidation and two counts of criminal possession of a weapon.

Palacios was released without bail. About a month later he was re-arrested on another charge, released without bail again.

Man shoots outside McDonald’s in Florida, driver killed while eating in car

31-year-old Michael Palacios was released without bail in October after being arrested for smashing a McDonald's with an ax

31-year-old Michael Palacios was released without bail in October after being arrested for smashing a McDonald’s with an ax

Palacios released after McDonald’s rampage told the New York Post He claimed that he was not “unhinged” or “loose cannon”, but displayed “calmness” in the turmoil.

“Everybody’s talking about how I should be put in jail,” Palacios said. I’m not going to make it racial just because I’m big and black.”

Florida man jumps over Burger King counter with pliers and demands free food

Sadart Johnson, 27, is said to have pointed a gun at a McDonald's employee in Midvale on February 12.

Sadart Johnson, 27, is said to have pointed a gun at a McDonald’s employee in Midvale on February 12.
(United Police Department/FOX 13 Utah)

Last month, a Florida man threatened a Burger King employee with pliers and jumped over the counter to demand free food.

Hubert Credit Jr., 50, started walking into fast food restaurants in Tampa and asking employees for free meals. When the worker refused, Credit took pliers from his pocket and threatened the worker, officials said.

Surveillance video shows Credit hit a pliers at the counter and knocked over one of the cash registers, police said. can see

The frightened employee called 911 but offered a free meal on credit, fearing for his safety.

Responding officers arrived and found Credit eating food inside a stall in the men’s restroom, police said. Officers ordered Credit to leave the restroom and arrested him without incident.

credit is indicted for robbery with deadly weapons.

Cold fries lead to deadly gunshots

82-year-old man in wheelchair stabbed at Los Angeles Taco Bell in video

A McDonald’s employee in New York City was shot in the neck after arguing over an order of cold French fries, then later died from his injuries earlier this year.

Matthew Webb, 23, of Queens was shot outside a restaurant by the alleged shooter, Michael Morgan, 20, after Morgan’s mother got into a dispute with the restaurant over the fries being cold.

Morgan’s mother, Lisa Fulmore, claims staff members laughed at her when she asked to speak to her manager, saying her son “has to do what he has to do.” said. [victim] Come after him, whatever happened, happened. ”

Morgan faces charges of attempted murder and possession of a weapon.

Violent crime surges in several large cities across the country in 2022, eventually spilling over to fast-food restaurants, many of which stay open late in urban areas, making the impact of increased crime more severe. It’s getting bigger.


One such city is Chicago, where McDonald’s President and CEO Chris Kempzynski said in a September speech that rising crime scares employees, hurts hiring, and puts the company in Chicago for the long term. I warned you it might force you to reconsider staying.

“You don’t have to explain why this matters. You know and understand statistics,” said Kempzynski. “All of us, everyone in this room, have witnessed firsthand the corrosive effect of crime on a city, its psyche and its citizens.”


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