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Accurately diagnose canine food allergies once and for all

The Derm Vet Dr Ashley Bourgeois explains the most effective diagnostic methods, plus covers more insights you need to know about veterinary dermatology

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According to Ashley Bourgeois of DVM, DACVD, also known as “The Derm Vet,” diagnosing food allergies is not an easy task. In this episode of The Vet Blast Podcast she joins dvm360® Chief Veterinary Officer Adam Christman, DVM, MBA, offers the expertise and most accurate diagnostic approach available to distinguish this condition from atopic dermatitis. Bourgeois also advises on communicating with clients and clearing up common misunderstandings.

Below is a partial transcript. For more information, listen to the full podcast.

Ashley Bourgeois, DVM, DACVD: Food allergies are really hard.Yes, we see many food allergies [patients]But food allergies are more complicated than people think. You see a lot of clients coming in who want to blame the food, right? Like that’s the first thing the client thinks, well, I took out the chicken. And what’s really difficult is that many of these dogs with food allergies also have other forms of allergies. However, it is very important to exclude it as a cause of pruritus.


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